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3D Holographic Spinning Display

The holographic video display creates the hologram effect with a spinning bar fitted with many led lights. By spinning the LED bar, the dot matrix is reduced to a video of the 3D holographic effect. Holographic advertising is eye-catching with strong customer appeal that is sure to show a return on investment. Images can be swapped out at any time, keeping up with your changing brand and products. The hardware can be fixed to any concrete wall, ceiling or wooden structure.

Eye-Catching Animated Advertisements


  • Can you join multiple fans on the same display? Yes, the fans can be arranged to form one complete image. Each fan will play a separate part of the video.

  • What are the file formats that work? For videos we need .mp4, .avi, .rmvb, .gif. For photos we only accept .png and .jpg file types. These files can be imported by the fan software. The software then generates a .bin file onto the fan's SD card which will run the graphic.

  • Can I use my own art or videos? Yes, you can import your own art into the fan software which will convert the file into a .bin which gets played on the fan.

  • Can I play a sequence of images/videos on the same fan? Yes, images and videos are saved as individual files and will play one after another when on the device.

  • How do I make a 3D image or movie? Create your graphics using software like Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Blender, etc. and then save your graphics as an image or video in one of the acceptable formats to load into the fan software.

  • How do you upload your art for this device? Make sure your art is in one of the acceptable file formats. Open the fan software on your computer and import your file. Follow the steps to make sure your graphic is the correct size/placement on the display and set the number of play cycles for your graphic. Then Then download the graphic onto the fan's SD card through the software. This creates a .bin file on the SD card which gets played by the fan when in use.

  • What operating system do I need? The software to convert your graphic from its original format to the .bin file is only available for PC. Original graphics can be created using software available on any OS.

  • Is there audio? No.

  • Does my image size matter when importing my own art? Higher resolution images will show up better on the display. The fan software allows you to scale your image to fit on the display and then automatically converts the graphic to fit the display resolution.

  • How long can my video be? The recommended length is 5-15 seconds. The limit is how much storage capacity the SD card has, but frame rate issues and other image issues may occur when the video is too long.

  • How do things look 3D on the display? The images are either composed of 3D models or are 2D images with shading effects to look 3D. A black or transparent background make the images look like they're floating.

  • Does the background have to be black or transparent? No, but this is important for creating the full 3D hologram effect.